LA is a fantastic travel destination with plenty of sights to see as well as vibrant nightlife and a thriving movie and theatre scene. Traditionally here in LA we have always had a close relationship with the UK. Each year hundreds of thousands of tourists and aspiring actors/directors travel from the UK to explore what our amazing city has to offer. Since 2020 there has been a massive change in the number of travellers due to the pandemic, but specialist services such as the Randox Heathrow testing service is helping to facilitate more people travelling to LA again.

Randox Heathrow testing

What Happened To Travel In 2020?

2020 was the year of the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. Coronavirus has been responsible for millions of deaths worldwide. This has led to restrictions being implemented globally in order to restrict the overall spread of this virus. Here in the US stringent measures were introduced that led to an essential lockdown of most travel in and out of the US. This has led to a huge drop in the amount of tourists coming to visit LA as well as the amount of money coming into the local economy from tourists.

Local artists and actors have turned to online options in order to keep themselves afloat and generate income, but this hasn’t always been entirely successful. Thankfully, there have been signifcant changes in travel controls and rules since last year which have helped to lead to more tourists and travellers being allowed to come into LA. The Randox Heathrow testing centres at Heathrow airport have proven to be pivotal in helping to facilitate more travel to LA.

What these testing services are offering travellers from the UK is the following:

  • A fast and easy way to test
  • Accurate results
  • Accredited and government approved tests
  • Affordable testing options
  • Convenient testing locations
  • Ability to book online or at the airport
  • Experienced staff
  • Advanced testing facilities

How Have Travellers To LA responded To The New Rules?

Overall, there has been a somewhat mixed reaction to the new rules and testing regimes implemented by the UK and the US governments. Based on what we have found from some of our research into the subject, it would appear that there is slightly more resistance and discontent with America travellers and residents than there is with those in the UK. This could be due to how politicised the pandemic has become in this country. It has led to vicious infighting across a variety of political parties and spectrums and this has caused a lot of damage to public trust and overall support.

The UK should be seen as an example to us all thanks to the infrastructure for testing that they have built up since the start of the Pandemic. Companies such as Randox have had an important role to play in ensuring that testing is being carried out effectively and is allowing for safe travel. PCR and antigen tests have increased considerably in scale and accuracy since their launch back in 2020 and we are continuing to see more and more innovative ways through which travel here is adapting to the new normal.