Sightseeing in Los Angeles can be a fun, educational experience for all ages. Whether you’re an active tourist wanting to go to see the famous Hollywood Sign or a sightseer wanting to check out the Hollywood Walk of Fame or just enjoy a quiet stroll along Hollywood Boulevard looking at the stars, you’ll find many opportunities to enjoy yourself. Here are some things to do on your vacation in Hollywood.

Sights To See

Enjoy the beaches. After dark, Santa Monica is known as the Venice of the West Coast, and with over two dozen beaches ranging from winding beach walks to rocky shorelines, it’s no surprise that so many tourists come here. Take part in local sightseeing tours or hit up one of the many fine attractions in the area: the Santa Monica Pier, the Santa Monica Academy of Film and Television, a monthly series of concerts at the amphitheatre or stroll through the beaches one weekend each month. Additionally, there are numerous festivals and special events occurring here, including the annual Santa Monica Pier Fest & Seafair, a food and wine festival, as well as Santa Monica Summer Fair and Southwestern Music Festival.

Get in on the art scene. Over the past decade, Los Angeles has been the home of some of the most innovative artistic movements in the country, boasting some of the best museums, galleries and cultural centers in the country. The city also prides itself on being a global leader in visual arts, hosting some of the country’s annual exhibitions and exhibits including the Annual Fashion Week which boasts hundreds of exhibits, parties and performances every year. In addition to the exhibits, a number of highly acclaimed galleries and museums including the Museum of Contemporary Art, the Museum of Arts & Design, the Skirball Cultural Center and the Museum of Natural History are amongst the attractions worth seeing.

Be a visitor to Hollywood. Yes, this is another popular tourist attraction in the area, boasting some of the most famous names in Hollywood as well as other major players in the entertainment industry. Many a Hollywood celeb has been spotted strolling the streets or hanging out at one of the many star-studded celebrities-only nightclubs in the area. If sightseeing in Los Angeles is on your list, a visit to the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame may not be enough. A Hollywood tour with a knowledgeable guide gives you the opportunity to see where all the big stars go and get an up close and personal look at their memorabilia.

Check out the various festivals occurring around town. The City of Angels is home to more than two dozen festivals and events every year, from the Santa Barbara Bowl hosted by the NFL’s Chargers to the Santa Barbara Gay and Lesbian Pride Parade to the internationally acclaimed Glastonbury Music Festival. Most of these events are free or have a small nominal charge but it never hurts to indulge in sightseeing during these events. A tourist discount pass to any of these events makes any trip to Los Angeles more affordable.

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Our Final Points On La Travel

No visit to Los Angeles would be complete without taking in one of the city’s museums-the Museum of Contemporary Art, the Natural History Museum, or the Museum of Contemporary Arts. These are just a few of the prominent museums in downtown Los Angeles, and a walking tour of downtown Los Angeles is incomplete without at least visiting these museums. A postcard map of the downtown area can help visitors find their way around. If a tourist were to choose to drive, a trip to the Grand Canyon, the Hollywood Sign, or the San Pedro de Alcazar can be planned out ahead of time. With a little planning, a full day or night of sightseeing is possible in downtown Los Angeles.